Sometimes, a person may be severely injured while using a tool, household appliance, or recreational equipment. In some instances the injury resulted— at least in part, from a poor design of the product, negligent factory assembly, or inadequate instructions and warnings.

Often times, an employee may suffer an on the job injury for which he is receiving workers compensation. Even so, the employee may have a viable product liability action. Therefore, it is imperative that attorneys practicing in the workers compensation field obtain a history of how the injury occurred and should consider discussing the incident with an attorney well versed in product liability.

Similarly, a person severely injured while using a household appliance, home tool, or recreational equipment may not recognize that the injury resulted from a defect in the design or manufacture of the product or from inadequate instructions or warnings. Accordingly, if you have a client or are an unrepresented person who suffered a severe injury while using a product you should contact an attorney experienced and qualified to handle product liability cases.

Our firm has represented persons injured from products for over 25 years. Such products have included: printing presses, hand saws, table saws, scuba equipment, indoor clothing lines, lighting fixtures, dust collection systems, aerial lift equipment, scaffolds, medical devices, forklifts, vehicle shock absorbers, bicycles, amongst many other products.

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