We Specialize in Catastrophic Personal Injury Cases in Florida

We primarily work with and are referred by other attorneys and firms throughout the country who need case or trial assistance or assessment, neutral evaluations or who have a client in Florida who has suffered from personal injury, traumatic injury or death.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Our firm has extensive experience in representing clients who have sustained life altering traumatic brain injury cases. We are qualified to handle traumatic brain cases irrespective of its originating cause

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Severe Personal Injury

Severe personal injury encompasses that category of injuries less catastrophic than quadriplegia, paraplegia, traumatic brain injury, amputation, or death, but are still severe enough to have a significant effect on the victim’s life- medically, economically, and personally.

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Trial Assistance

You may have had the experience where you accepted a serious and difficult case in the hope that that it would settle pre-trial. Unfortunately, as of 4 months before trial, the case has not settled and it does not appear settlement is likely. You therefore turn your attention to trial preparation.

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Would it not be beneficial to you and your clients to have your case mediated by an actively practicing Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney, dual certified in Civil Trial and Appellate Mediation, who has personally litigated, tried and appealed multi-million dollar cases involving complex fact patterns with difficult legal issues?

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