On occasion a prospective at fault party’s insurer fails to timely and properly respond to a catastrophic claim. Pursuant to Florida common law and statute that can result in the at fault party’s insurer or the victim’s insurer, (if the victim has underinsured motorist coverage) being held liable for the full measure of damages, not just the purchased policy limits.

Potential bad faith exposure to an insurance company can arise where the insurance company denies coverage, fails to assign defense counsel to defend an insured, fails to provide requested insurance disclosure, or fails to “timely” deliver its insured’s policy limits (with or without a policy limits demand).
Insurance Bad Faith law applies to all insurers: automobile, commercial vehicle, aviation, boat and maritime, homeowners, commercial liability, product liability, and medical malpractice.

Our firm has been successful on multiple occasions in securing “bad faith” awards and settlements against insurance companies.
If you have any questions regarding an insurance carrier’s legal responsibilities to its insureds and claimants, we urge you to contact Marc Ginsberg to discuss the facts of your case, and the injuries and coverage involved.