Severe personal injury or wrongful death can arise from a multitude of causes. Our firm is capable and qualified to handle severe personal injury and wrongful death cases irrespective of its originating cause.

Catastrophic injuries often include quadriplegia and/or paraplegia; traumatic brain injury; blindness; deafness; amputation; disfigurement; severe cervical and/or lumbar injuries; fractures requiring surgery; and loss of important bodily funcions .
We have interviewed, retained, and prepared for deposition and trial numerous expert witnesses including chemists; accident reconstruction experts, bio-mechanical experts; metallurgists; pharmaceutical experts; premises security experts; medical examiners; tide, wind and weather experts; electrical engineers; civil engineers, architects, construction engineers; maritime experts; aeronautical and aviation experts; and countless others.

With respect to developing a particular client’s losses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and economic damages, we have retained experts in the fields of vocational rehabilitation; life care planning; economists; psychiatrists and psychologists specializing in post traumatic stress disorders; grief counseling; and others.

All cases are handled on the assumption that trial will likely be necessary. Consequently, as the trial date approaches, the firm prides itself on using innovative trial aids including but not limited to computer animations; models; and demonstrative summaries on both liability and damages.

The practice areas of the firm include:
Medical Malpractice
Product Liability
Automobile Accidents
Truck Accidents
Boating Accidents
Drowning Accidents
Cruise Ship Accidents
SCUBA, Jet Ski, & Parasailing Accidents
Ocean, Fresh Water, and Swimming Pool Accidents
Sports Accidents
Industrial, Transportation Facility, and Construction Site Accidents
Premises Liability
Premises Security
Aviation Incidents
Insurance Bad Faith
Insurance Claims
Federal ERISA Insurance Claims (disability; accident & dismemberment; and life)