You may have had the experience where you accepted a serious and difficult case in the hope that that it would settle pre-trial. Unfortunately, as of 4 months before trial, the case has not settled and it does not appear settlement is likely. You therefore turn your attention to trial preparation.

As you know, proper trial preparation is beyond time consuming. It is stressful, both substantively and logistically. Your adversary may be a member of a large firm, capable of assigning multiple attorneys to the case as trial approaches. You may find yourself scheduled for critical depositions ( some videos for trial) in multiple cities, while at the same time, you need to preparing and responding to critical motions ( Daubert, summary judgment, in limine), preparing voir dire, opening, direct examination, cross examination, a trial brief for the judge, and research of likely topics you may need at trial, especially as it may relate to evidentiary issues.

You will also want to be developing your demonstrative aids which are often more impactful than the exhibits admitted in evidence.

At trial, having an experienced attorney either conduct the voir dire, or observe the panel and conduct internet searches of certain panel members while you conduct the voir dire is also invaluable.

As you conduct your examination of witnesses, I can be monitoring the jury to gauge their reception of the points you are trying to make, or alternatively, I would be pleased to examine witnesses as you direct.

I offer trial assistance to attorneys who find themselves in this predicament. If you would like to discuss trial assistance from my firm, please contact me.