As attorneys we are all familiar with the benefits of referring certain cases to attorneys practicing in a particular field. I, myself, when contacted regarding a criminal, estate, or real estate matter recognize that the client would be best served by having that type of matter handled by a an experienced attorney practicing in that field.

Within the broad field of personal injury, it is often in the client’s best interest that his/her particular type of case, especially one involving a catastrophic or severe injury, be represented by an attorney with significant experience in such cases and who has the financial where-with-all to advance the enormous litigation costs associated with a catastrophic or severe injury case.

I recognize that some attorneys who refer cases to my firm, wish to substantially participate in the case. For that reason, subject to court approval, my firm is amenable to a participation fee in excess of the traditional 25% referral fee. See e.g. 4-1.5 (g)

If you would like to discuss the referral of matter to my firm, please contact me.